Have 15 Minutes? Get a “BenefitsCheckUp”

You’ve scheduled your annual physical and an annual review with your financial professional. Now, sign on to a new website for a free, confidential benefits checkup that’s designed specifically for seniors. The screening takes just 15 minutes.

The site, www.BenefitsCheckUp.com, developed by the nonprofit National Council on Aging (NCOA), screens over 2,000 different public and private benefit programs that help older individuals who are over age 55 to save money on health care, prescription drugs, meals, utility bills, and more. You can find programs, determine your eligibility, and get local contact information and applications.

On this helpful site, you’ll find many other health benefits, such as the following:

Home care benefits: Many states provide services to seniors who need help to live at home independently.

Health insurance counseling: All seniors, regardless of income, are eligible for free counseling to get the most out of Medicare, Medigap, and other forms of supplemental insurance.

Pharmacy assistance: Several states offer benefits to help pay for prescription drugs.

The NCOA sees benefits as “important and useful tools that help seniors be independent and healthy.” Currently, it’s estimated that millions of older Americans fail to take advantage of their benefits, because they are either unaware of them or unsure how to apply—these are problems www.BenefitsCheckUp.com aims to solve. 


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